Erich Kory

played the cello most of his life and in the last 15 years, while touring, he began to garden on a large scale. Now, retired from touring, he and AnneBruce Falconer maintain a small, diverse farm called Liberterre. Erich has a special interest in plants, having started with vegetables, he now is focusing on medicinal herbs.   With these plants he creates healing salves and creams,  tinctures and herbal concoctions, which are proving very effective in fighting the woes of the Baby-Boomer  generation.   Liberterre has a winter and early Spring production of salads, scallions and carrots, thanks to our Greenhouse.  We specialize in Garlic and Peppers, as well as a large variety of Heirloom Tomatoes.  Much of our production is processed via drying and lacto-fermentation.


AnneBruce Falconer

danced throughout the world, touring with many of the best known choreographers of Canada.  She retired in 2009 to pursue farming as her new-found way of life.  Her love of animals, and treatment of them with Natural Healing Remedies, has helped her become known as the "Pig lady of the Eastern Townships".  She is an artisan, creating a line of stuffed bears from used materials, and jewelery.  She has now added to those creations with Beeswax Candle making and a line of  hand-crafted Greeting Cards.