Info for WWOOFers and Anyone helping us on the farm

We are happy you are coming to help us here at Liberterre.

Just a few notes so you are better prepared to be here:



1. Bring clothes that are worthy of the scrape heap, you don't want to ruin any nice clothes or shoes. Bring at least 2 changes.  It can be cool here, so   bring warm clothes too!

2.  Bring good working boots.  Steel-Tip are preferred.

3. Don't forget Hats, Gloves and Sunscreen!

4. We don't carry extra insurance for any accidents or injury that might happen here, so it is best you carry your own insurance for any mis-haps that might occur.

5. We recommend and prefer that you have had a recent tetenus shot. (Should be done at least every 10 years)

6. Get ready for a GOOD TIME!!