Garlic for Everyone!


It’s that time of year again !!

We have had a great year, the weather has been amazing, and the goddess is on our side (Khalie, boo-boo, is doing her best to protect and kill anything that threatens our garden and animals, plants, weeds, sticks, plastic containers that shouldn’t be there, carrot tops, and the never ending producing zucchini plants.)

I am calloused and I had thought dance was hard on the feet. Try weeding and your hands become your feet.
Can someone give me a new pumice?

We are taking orders for garlic, the crop should be ready by mid-August. This year, as in the past, we offer our Yugoslavian strain (Musik), which produces a great bulb with exceptional taste.

Also, we have installed a Greenhouse that is filled with Tomatoes and Peppers (especially Espelette) that will also be available if you visit.
My pigs are running around and are the happiest creatures alive! When Erich can’t find me, he just goes in the field where the pigs are, and…. there is AB. (I love my pigs!).

Please pass it along and tell your friends! We will again make deliveries at a specified location in Montréal, a few times in the late summer. As you know, we also mail packages by post (See order form)

We do not ship Garlic Flowers, but you are all welcome to come visit to get some. They will be available for a short period near the middle of July. Call to reserve a time to come up!

Remember, there are 4 large or 6 medium heads of Garlic per pound, and if stored correctly, it will last through Spring.

Storing your Garlic:
In order to keep your Garlic through May or June, we recommend that you keep it away from the heat and out of the sun. It is happiest in a cool, dark and dry environment. Yes, you can keep it in the kitchen, but away from the stove and light. If you have a Garlic Pot on, or close to your stove, please store only one bulb in it and use within two weeks.

Everyone is WELCOME to the farm. Choreographers and Muscians included!
We look forward to hearing from you!

Erich & AnneBruce



For more detailed information on Garlic, it's nutritive and Cancer fighting actions, go to our download page.


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