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This little girl loves tulips and the garden. Made with beautiful lynx fur and wearing just a large pink ribbon she is happy being outdoors. Her yellow nose makes her sensitive to flowers and anything that grows. She has suede paw pads, a suede snout and is fully jointed from head to toe. Delilah is completely hand sewn and has amber eyes to match her fur. She is 12inches of cuteness.

Price $220.00

I am very serious and studious, I take my job seriously. I look over all the day-to-day activities and keep an eye on your home. I am made with beautiful brown Persian lamb, am fully articulated to reach all tasks. As you can see, I never show up without my appropriate dress for the occasion.

Price $200.00

WOW! How soft can lama be? Fuzzle is the fluffiest bear I have ever made. When those beautiful amber eyes look at you, you feel like you want to pick him up and have a hug. He is fully jointed and loves his green ribbon. Fuzzle has child safe eyes and joints, but is a delicate bear, and loves to be the watcher of life’s activities. He particularly likes the piano.

Price $160.00

OHHH! The raccoon on the back porch. This small guy loves hanging around, and wanting to be inside. He behaves much better when given a home and love. He is fully jointed and has eyes and articulation that is child proof. With his embroidered nose and snout he makes a perfect pet, No feeding, Please!

Price $190.00

This cute little (10") pair were born one after the other. Even though they have completely different personalities, they share their looks. Lambina and Larose are lovely Persian lamb twins with sad eyes and a desire to play together. They are fully articulated and child proof and made from completed recycled material. Lambina has Black leather paws and Lorose has Grey Suede paws.  Born with loving care, embroidered noses and smile, they are a pair of love.

Price $110.00/each
$200.00/for the pair

Chocolate’s favorite chocolate is hot chocolate made with rich dark coco, to match his rich chocolate goat coat. He wears a bright golden ribbon to bring out his hand-embroidered salmon colored nose. He is 12 inches high, with eyes that are wild for chocolate sweets, and his ears are at attention for any news of hidden treats. He is fully articulated for better reach, and makes the best company in front of the fire.

Price $200.00

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